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Mr Pixel

Birthdate: 2003
Legal status: Freeware
Classification: Titling / Bitmap
Description: Mister Pixel 16 pts Mister Pixel 16 pts is a pixellized font, made up of small squares, the letters are drawn on a grid square of 16/16. Mister Pixel 16 pts is declined in three styles: regular, small caps and old style figures. A Tools font with pictograms was also drawn.
Mr Pixel

Christophe Badani

ChristopheLocation and year of birth: Marseille, 1969
His life in brief: Graduated in graphic art with a major in typography, he began his career as graphic designer. In 1994, he created his first typeface: the Rough. Since this date, he has only worked on typeface design and logotype creation for advertising and publishing agencies. He designed some corporate typefaces for Lancôme, Ubisoft, Lacoste and, more original, the Albert René house (the publisher of Astérix).
Mr Pixel: how ? why ?
Typo is a difficult business. All the means are also good to consider to create traffic on Christophe website, le Typophage, with the hope that one day, one of these visitors will have a need for a customised typeface.
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Mr Pixel

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