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[November 2001]
Boum Boum
by Michael Bujardet
Boum Boum
A typo is born!

The Boum-Boum typeface has been created for a friend of mine who was designing record sleeves. He wanted a clear, legible font that would at the same time evoke musik.

Boum Boum

I did not want to go into corny guitar pi fonts or things that would remind more or less directly musical notation. Rather than this, I took the elemental drumstick and the most functional style of typeface, in the line of the Bauhaus work.

Boum Boum

For what purpose ?

Here is Boum-Boum, a very legible font that could probably even succesfully be used for text, but that remains unmistakable, and perfect for titles, headlines, quotes. The “tilted” italics are also a trademark of that font, that add more originality to this elegant typeface.

Boum Boum

These typefaces are hinted and kerned, and suited for any kind of printing work. They have been used by famous European printers to set text, using typesetting equipment.

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